Water: The Key to Natural Beauty

Water: The Key to Natural Beauty

Water: The Key to Natural Beauty

Our body is 70 percent water; therefore, it’s logical that any lack of sufficient water intake will affect our appearance.

Water: The Key to Natural Beauty

Thanks to technological advances, experts in dermatology have been able to observe the effect that our diet has on our skin’s texture and appearance. Many recent studies in dermatology confirm that the most significant factor in skincare does not only depend on the cosmetics that we apply (which, of course, do make a difference) but also largely on our diet.


Our body is 70 percent water; therefore, it’s logical that any lack of sufficient water intake will affect our appearance.
That’s why drinking water is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient way of preventing the signs of aging, maintaining the skin smooth and the body healthy.

Benefits of drinking water: How does water affect our skin?

Water eliminates the toxins in our body that are daily stored up through contact with pollutants, tobacco smoke, stress, and other sources of free radical formation. Concretely, free radicals are the principal cause of skin diseases and premature aging.
Water not only gives skin a more youthful appearance but also eliminates all of these elements, which cause the appearance of acne. Acne is formed by the accumulation of bacteria, oil, dead skin and dirt on the skin. Even for those with oily skin and problems with acne, water is needed to wash away both internal and external impurities. Additionally, water helps vitamins and nutrients to easily ow throughout the body. In particular, it collaborates with all of the body’s organs to distribute vitamins E, C and B12, which help maintain the skin smooth and young.

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink Daily? 

Normally it’s recommended that a person drink at least a litre and a half of water, although many dermatologists recommend increasing the dose to two or three daily litres.

When Is It Essential To Drink Water?

It’s very important to drink and recuperate lost fluid after exercising or sunbathing. Don’t forget that water is good not only for your organism but also for your outward appearance.<
Generally, drinking lots of water will help remove harmful chemicals in your body and will keep your skin moisturized and elastic. But there are also certain benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning or before going back to bed.

Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning.

1. Get rid of toxins first thing in the morning

Drinking water on an empty stomach will help you get rid of the toxins accumulated during your sleep through urine and bowel movements. By removing these toxins, you can start your day anew with healthier organs, including your skin.
2. Drinking water boosts your metabolism
Drinking water also gets your gut and stomach up and running. This will help you have a faster metabolism which will then lead to faster digestion of food and liquids. Combined with great diet, your body will absorb nutrients much faster which will then reflect on your overall body and health, including your skin!
3. Reduce Puffiness
We might have a heavy meal or had a good drink last night. The next morning, you see yourself all puffy from heavy sodium intake. Don’t fret. Drinking water in the morning will help you get rid of it.

Remember to drink water in the morning by putting a glass by your bedside table.

Benefits of Drinking Water Before Bed

1. Drinking water hydrates you all throughout the night

At night, we enter a fasting state since there isn’t any food or drink intake. Drinking water keeps us hydrated during that time which will help our organs perform better.

2. Helps with cleansing 

Drinking water, particularly hot water helps with blood circulation and digestion. It also increases sweat output which removes toxins during our sleep.

3. Improves mood

According to a study conducted in 2014, drinking water helps with sleep/wake moods, and positive emotions and feelings.

Drinking water before bedtime has great effects on your body. However if you drink too close before bedtime, you may experience an increased need to urinate at night. This will greatly affect your sleep quality and health.

Be sure to drink a few hours before bed.

Water Inside and Water Outside. 

According to American Academy of Dermatologists, when cleansing your face or body, it’s best to use lukewarm water as very hot water can dry out the skin excessively.

Key Takeaways

Water is good for you, not only for your physical appearance, but also for your mental health and digestion. Drinking water throughout the day will help your metabolism, mood, and appearance thanks to its moisturizing properties.
Maximize the benefits of water for your skin by using safe and all-natural products like Ahava Life skincare.

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